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Friday, April 18, 2008

- munnar

- thekaddy (periyar)

bangalore munnar thekkady bangalore

Recently, I went for a Bangalore - Munnar - Thekkady trip. In this post you will find everything you wanted to know before you plan your trip to these beautiful places. Bangalore Munnar and Bangalore Thekkady are two routes that are least frequented by travellers from Bangalore, but believe me these two are among the best of places I have visited around Bangalore. The Bangalore Munnar road through Tamil Nadu is really good and the total distance can be covered in 8 hours. I took a different route as I wanted to do the uphill drive during day time so that I don't miss the beautiful scenery on the way to Munnar. In this post you will find

- My trip meter readings at major points on the Bangalore Munnar route via Coimbatore and Thekkady Bangalore route. Along with that I have put the time at which I passed through or reached these places.

- Places to see in Munnar

- Activities in Thekkady (Periyar)
- Munnar Map

Places to see in Munnar

- Eravikulam

This is a must visit place in Munnar for all animal and nature lovers. The park is situated around 8KMs from the munnar town. You can drive down to the base of the park in your vehicle or one of the autos(you have to see them climbing the steepy hills!!). From here you will have to go to the top of the hill where the Eravikulam National park is situated on one of the buses provided by the park.

buses to take visitors till the entrance of the national park

Private vehicles are not allowed inside the park area. The buses will leave you at the entrance of the park and then you will have to trek for another 1-2KMs to catch a glimpse of the beautiful tea plantations and ofcourse the endangered wildlife this park strives to protect.

is it not beautiful ?

The park is home to the Nilgiri tahr - an endangered goat species. At the start of the 20th centuary only 100 of these beautiful animals were left after being almost destroyed by hunting and poaching. Since then the nilgiri Tahr has been included in the list of endangered species. Efforts are being made to prevent the extinction of this wild goat like many other endangered species. With the efforts of the park officials and others involved in saving the Nilgiri Tahr the population has increased to above 1600 and around 700 of them reside in this park. The park is spread across 100 sq KMs and is claimed to be one of the cleanest national parks in India. The entry tickets to the park cost Rs 35/- for Indians and Rs 200/- for foreign nationals. Incase you are carrying a camera you would have to shell out Rs 25/- for a still camera and Rs 200/- for a Video camera.

view from the ervaikulam national park

During the calving season of the nilgiri Tahr, the Eravikulam National Park is closed for 45 days from February 1st onwards.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

- Munnar Mela

Munnar mela started as a cultural and social celebration in 1982 and then onwards happens every year in the month of April. Over time the celebration has now become a part of Munnar's annula celebrations to bring in the new year. This year it was held from 6th of April till 13th April.

revelry @ munnar mela

The people of munnar eagerly wait for the arrival of this festival that fills munnar with all colors of the universe. These eight days make Munnar a joyous and memorable place for everyone who is fortunate to visit Munnar during this time. I luckily happened to be in Munnar this year in april and visited the Munnar Mela that was organized in the Tata Tea Sports ground. The ground was colorfully lit and and there were stalls ranging from electronics, food items to even plants! For children it was a paradise with a variety of rides and games. Immediately the shopper within me urged me to start purchasing some memorable items from this beautiful fare. I bought a strawberry conserve prepared in the Tata tea estates and a Kerela hat made of coconut tree bark! I also tried fresh ice tea that was being prepared(by crushing the tea leaves and taking out the juice) and served chilled in one of the stalls. It was one of the most refreshing cup of teas that I have ever had. Being a chocoholic I also bought delicious home made chocolates and they were much better than what I had got from Ooty and Bangalore and at half the price too! :)

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

- Mattupetty

14 KMs from the Munnar Town, at a height of 1700m, is situated Mattupetty. It is known for its highly specialized dairy farm - Indo Swiss LiveStock project. Mattupetty lake and dam are just a KM from this farm. One can do boat riding and speed boating. I suggest trying out speed boat.
It is really thrilling to ride the speed boat on the waves created by another speed boat. There is an option to hire a speed boat that can accommodate 4-6 people or hire one for a couple only. The boat ride will be only for 15 Minutes but the adrenalin rush during those 15 minutes is amazing. You will scream and shout and after those 15 minutes you will feel really relaxed in beauty of the lake and tea gardens around it.

Visit Time : 0900 - 1100 hrs and 1400 - 1530 hrs.

it became dark and rained at Mattupetty

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

- Top Station

Though most of the websites refer this place as the most scenic of all the places in Munnar, I think otherwise. This place is indeed beautiful but not the most amazing place in Munnar. I found the tea gardens and the greenery on the way to Top Station much better. First of all this place is in Tamil Nadu and the 1 KM of stretch that lies in Tamil Nadu is in really bad shape that gives a real pounding to the tires and suspension. I hate it

Top Station is nearly 34 Kms from Munnar Town and 33KMs of this is a real good road. This place offers a "panoramic view" of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu but remains covered with mist most of the time.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

- Devikulam

its work time

Around 7 KMs from Munnar Town is situated a charmingly simple and serene place, Devikulam. It is covered with Tea Plantation and provides a load of opputunity for photographers. The Sita Devi Lake in Devikulam is a good picnic spot and ideal for fishing.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

- Bangalore munnar route

- Bangalore Thekkady route


Bangalore Coimbatore route

1630 - Bangalore - Whitefield

1807 - Stop at A1 Plaza for a cup of tea. This place is after Hosur
60 KMs

1835 - Krishnagiri checkpost

1942 - Dharmapuri

2030 - Thoppur ( Took a right turn from here to bypass Salem. This route saves around 20KMs)

2230 - Bhavani ( Had an awesome dosa and parota with Sambar and coconut chutney )


Coimbatore Munnar route

0030 - Coimbatore

Decided to stop at Coimbatore for night. I wanted to cover the ghat section in the day time.

1000 - Started to Munnar from Coimbatore
1030 - Stop for fuel and temporary fix for my iPOD and stereo connection

1100 - Pollachi

1150 - Udemalapetai

1330 - Marayoor.
Had lunch here. On the way to this place from Udemalapetai there are 4 forest check posts and all of them I was asked for gifts. I had to give 10 or 20 bucks everytime.

1530 - Devikulam. It is near munnar, on the way to Thekkady from Munnar.

I was in Munnar for 3 nights and went around most of the places.

Munnar Thekkady Route

1000 - From Las Palmas Munnar (Devikulam ) To Thekkady

1300 - At Taj Thekkady

I spent 2 nights in Thekkady.


Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

Thekkady Bangalore route

1110 - To Bangalore

1145 - Kambam

1227 - Theni

1349 - Dindigul bypass. Stopped for Nariyal pani ( Coconut water )

1551 - Karur. Re-fueling on the way to Karur and lunch.

1730 - Salem
1108.7 KMs

1953 - Dharmapuri
1198 KMs

2212 - Bangalore
1307.2 KMs

I missed the road that goes to the toll road and instead took the road that goes into the Hosur town but I think it took almost the same amount of time.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

periyar lake

Activities in Thekkady

From Munnar, Thekkady is 110Kms. The road is pretty good for the first 85 Kms but quite narrow. The last 25Kms are in bad shape and you can't drive at more than 20-30KMpH. I stayed in Thekkady for 3 days and 2 nights. To enjoy all the activities in Thekkady you must have minimum 4 complete days.

Thekkady (Periyar)

All you wanted to know about Thekkady and Periyar. The Periyar Tiger Reserve named after the Periyar River is one of the most popular and beautiful wild life reserve on the Western Ghats. The Periyar Lake surrounds the sanctuary was created by building a dam across the Periyar River to divert the water for irrigation. The first step towards conservation was taken by the Maharaja of Travancore by appointing Mr. Robinson as the first game warden in 1899.Based on his recommendations, the forests around the lake was turned into a sanctuary called Nellikkampetty Sanctuary in 1934.The sanctuary was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1978 under the Project Tiger Scheme. In 1982, the core area of the Sanctuary (350sq.kms) was notified as a National Park. The Periyar Tiger Reserve & Sanctuary covering an area of 777 sq. kms is a renowned destination for wildlife tourists & nature enthusiasts. The vistas of Periyar with its creeks, islets & peninsulas provide an ideal habitat for a wide variety of wild life. The altitude varies from 900mtrs to 2019mtrs. Topography is uneven & encompasses forests, grasslands & the lake. The splendid artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar dam across the Periyar River adds to the charm of the park. This is the only sanctuary in India where one can have the unique experience of viewing wild life at close quarters from the safety of a boat in the lake. The greatest attraction of Periyar, however, is the herds of wild elephants that come down to play in the lake. Besides the Tiger, the sanctuary is also home to Gaur (Indian Bison), Sambar Deer, Wild Boar & a varied species of monkeys including the Nilgiri Languor & the Lion Tailed Macaque. There is also a variety of bird life of which Snake birds (Darters), Cormorants, Kingfishers & Grey Heron are commonly sighted. Boating and Trekking are the common means of sighting wild life in the Sanctuary. Presenting a panorama of majestic mountains and verdant valleys draped in stunning green, Thekkady is the ultimate gateway for the traveler looking for a tranquil holiday in the lap of nature. The vast stretches of plantations and the luxuriant forest cover offering great trails, make Thekkady a trekker’s delight. The locality is also famous for spice cultivation, Kumily; the nearest town is renowned as a Spice trading center. The town is surrounded by plantations of Cardamom, Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, All Spice, Vanilla & also of Tea & Coffee There are varieties of activities, like Nature Walk, Jungle Patrol, Gavi, Trip to Mount, Bamboo Rafting, Boat Ride, View Point, Spice Plantation Tour, Tea Plantation Tour, Elephant Junction, & Ayurveda.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

Nature Walk at Thekkady ( Periyar)

Different nature trails traversing diverse habitats form the trekking routes, generally 4 to 5 Km. in length. This program offers excellent opportunity to watch birds, butterflies and other wildlife. The trails pass through evergreen and moist deciduous forests interspersed with marshy grasslands. A maximum of 5 persons can go for trekking at a time along each nature trail, accompanied by a trained tribal guide. The nature walk is the right program to feel nature, her whispers and smell her flowers.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

Jungle Patrol at Thekkady (Periyar)

This is part of the regular night patrolling in the fringe eco development zone of the tiger reserve. The trekking is done between 7 PM. And 4 AM and it should be taken by person having proper physical and mental fitness to trek through the wilderness in the night. The maximum duration for a slot is 3 hours and the maximum capacity of one slot is limited to 8 visitors (to move in two separate teams). They will accompany two protection watchers and one-armed forest guard! Try the limits of your senses-sight, hearing and smell and take in the totally different world of nocturnal jungle life. A must for a true wildlife lover.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

Visit to Gavi

Gavi, a picturesque land is a one of the most off-the-track destinations ideal for a wilderness retreat replete with trekking, canoeing and facilities for boarding. There are hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, shoals, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations. Endangered species including the Elephant, Nilgiri Thar, and Lion-Tailed Macaques are often sighted at the outskirts of Gavi. There are two programs run by the Kerala Forest Development Corporation and Eco Development Committees, one where three families could stay in the Eco Lodge at Gavi and the other where 15 persons can go for a days visit of the area. The programs starts at 05:30 am where you leave Thekkady in an open Jeep, a 40 Km drive through the hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grasslands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantations and then you reach GAVI.

Hosted and accompanied by trained local people, the visitors can go for trekking and bird watching in the many trails around, paddle in still waters to cool off or perhaps settle down for watching in this oasis of peace and tranquility. Native vegetarian food and snacks will be provided to the visitors.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post

munnar map

I strongly recommend to visit both the places, Munnar and Thekkady, at one go. Since the distance is around 500KMs from Bangalore one should try to visit Munnar and Thekkady in a single vacation. You will have the fun of the hill station and the wildlife as well.

Munnar Thekkady details Top of Munnar Thekkady Post


Charu's space said...

Hi Traveller!

I liked your blog on the Munnar-thekaddy trip...we are palnning a 4 day holiday there too and are also going to be driving down. Going to Thekaddy first and then Munnar and you think its a good idea to stop somehwere midway to Theekaddy ....where would you advise?

Traveller said...

Hi Charu,

THanks for the comments.. Well I would suggest going directly to thekkady. maybe you can stop at Salem. .that is one decent place where you can put up.. it also depends where are you from and i am assuming you to be from Bangalore..:)

Narayanan said...

The information provided is very useful. Can you give me one more piece of information.

Is there any landmark where I need to turn right in Thoppur?

Traveller said...

Hi Narayanan,

After Dharmapuri, you will go through a ghat section. When this ghat section ends there will be a right turn :)


Suresh S said...


An excellent blog. Lots of information.

I have around 5 days available to me during end of Aug. I have a couple of queries.
1) Do you think it is wise to go to either one of Munnar / Thekkady and stay there, rather than go to both the places? I can stay for 3 days (2 days for travel).
2)Which place would be suggest Munnar or Thekkady?
3) Do you think Bangalore to Thekkady can be done in one day (say I start at 5pm or earlier, can I get to Thekkady before it gets dark?)

Your answers will be highly appreciated and will help plan my trip.

I also have a travel blog. You can check it out at


Traveller said...

Hi Suresh,

Actually if you have 5 days of holidays you can cover both the place, but it will become little hectic and depends if you enjoy/and can drive for long. If you are taking your own car then leaave early on the working day and thats what I did and saved a day, but again you will have to drive during night time. When I went the construction of road before Coimbatore was still underway. Hopefully it will be fine now. I would suggest if you are not taking your own car then reach Munnar/Thekkady early morning by overnight bus.
It took me around 11 Hours to cover Thekkady-Bangalore and we took quite a lot of breaks. If you push you can cover in 8-9 Hours.
Between Munnar and Thekkady I can't comment. It depends on your taste. Both the places are good but entirely different. If you can let me what kind of vacation do you want I can comment on it

Suresh said...


Thanks for the quick response.

I love driving and will be taking my car. I go with my family and I generally don't rush around and the aim is to relax and appreciate nature than to see any 'tourist spots'.

I guess 11 hr drive is OK. I too will be stopping along the way. So you would suggest the Coimbatore route. I had seen another route bypassing Coimbatore. Any idea how that it?


Suresh said...


Thanks for the quick response.

I love driving and will be taking my car. I go with my family and I generally don't rush around and the aim is to relax and appreciate nature than to see any 'tourist spots'.

I guess 11 hr drive is OK. I too will be stopping along the way. So you would suggest the Coimbatore route. I had seen another route bypassing Coimbatore. Any idea how that it?


Suresh S said...


Thanks for the info.

I will be traveling with my family (wife and two kids). I love driving and will be taking my car. My aim is to be one with nature and relax. I am not too keen on rushing things and seeing all the 'tourist spots'.

Any suggestion will be welcome.


Traveller said...

My advice to you would be to spend your time in Thekkady only. It is an amazing place with lots of activities to do and photography and wildlife watching.. But it would be hot compared to Bangalore.. munnar on the other hand would be cold compared to bangalore ..
So you can decide.. if you want to enjoy the cold weather visit munnar or if u want to do activities life boating, night patroling etc.. visit thekkady.. sorry for a late reply.. was very busy for last few days..

Suresh said...


Thanks for your reply and sorry for the multiple posts earlier.

I had decided on Munnar for this time. Initially thought of doing both but didn't want to hurry. Will definitely go to Thekkady the next time.


Hakuna said...

Just returned after a week ok Munnar-Thekady. This blog really helped in the drive. BTW we to missed the toll road from Dharmapuri-Krishnagiri-Hosur and took the older one which was pretty good in any case.

A couple of points I would add to everything already said on this blog.
- The ghats post Udamalaipetti thru to Munnar are pretty tough ones ... alomst 2-3 hrs of hair pins, no barricades and jerks driving at breakneck speed coming down from the other side. So go in the daytime only, and when you are fresh - you need to be alert here.
- The Munnar Thekady stretch was named as one of the 10 best scenic drives in the country by Jet Airways magazine, and it indeed is. Pretty easy drive that one, but for a stretch of 10 odd Km which is absolutely pathetic roads.
- Overall impressed by TN roads, not many potholes/ bumps etc, many lovely tree lined sections (pity the new 4 laning is causing a lot of the trees to be chopped off).
- Thekady to Blr we did in a little over 9 hrs incl a going into Dindigul town and having a hearty meal at Sarvana Bhavan. We reached MG Road in 9 1/2 hours flat. There is a lot of work happening in the Dindigul - Karur - Salem - Dharmapuri stretch. Within a year it should all be complete. Same time next year, this can be a 7+ hour relatively relaxed journey.

Traveller said...

Hi Hakuna,

Thanks that you liked the blog and good to hear that it was helpful to you. Also thanks for the update :)

Hakuna said...

I see no dates on the blog .. this and my previous blog was on 4/5 Oct 2008.

Traveller said...


I did this journey during the month of April'08.

Vishwas said...

Awesome...i am planning to visit kerala in november, want to know whether going to Thekaddy is advisable or not?

Nice photos...

Traveller said...

Hi vishwas,

It is a good time to visit both the places.. if you like a little bit of adventure..dont miss thekkady..also it depends on the number of days you planning to go for ...

good you liked the pictures :)

Vishwas said...

I am planning for 3 days in Thekkady. Do they have a package kind of thing or you have to pay per day.

Traveller said...

Since you have a fair idea of all the activities at Thekaddy. You can go there and get the tickets/passes for all these activities. It should not be a problem. The travel desk at all hotels can do this for you. I would suggest you spend 2 days in Thekkaddy and a day at Kumarakaon. I didn't go there but it is around 100KMs from Thekkaddy. I have heard it is a good place. You can spend a night at any boat house. Must be fun :)
All the best. And drive carefully :)

Shilpi said...

We are planning to have a 8 day vacation to Kerela from Bangalore. We have booked club mahindra resort for 3 days in Munnar and 1 day in Thekkady. But we would also like to cover some backwater/beach(Alleppey or Ashtamudi) and then back by road. Can anyone suggest the route back from Alleppey and any other alternative place?

Traveller said...

Hi Shilpi,

Club Mahindra is at a good location but quite far from the main town and other tourist spots. You need to have a vehicle at your disposal if you are staying at this resort for sure. I would suggest you to spend another day at Thekkady. I was there for 2 days but couldn't enjoy it to the fullest. You can go to Kumarkaon. That is 100KMs from Thekkady. I have not been there but have heard good things about it. I think Taj has a resort there.

I would suggest 3days @ Munnar, 2 @ Thekkady and 2 at Kumarkaon. Assuming you would spend a day traveliing as well

udayan2212 said...

if travelling to munnar from bangalore, need not go upto coimbatore, reach bhavani via thoppur. once on national highway to coimbatore, take deviation towards tirupur.proceed towards, udumalpet and then on to munnar.

Traveller said...

Udyan you are right. I left Bangalore late in the evening and wanted to cover the hills during the day time. So took a break at Coimbatore

Anonymous said...

Can you pls suggest a good hotel / resort in munnar..You personal choice!

Traveller said...

Below is the list of hotels. Read it as the name of the resort, tariff and contact.. It depends if you would want to stay in the town or is it okay for you to stay little away (7-8 KMs) from the town.

Lake Palace (KTDC), Thekkady


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222024, (Fax) 222282

Spice Village**, Thekkady

5250 - 7000

Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222316, (Fax) 222317

Taj Garden Retreat, Thekkady


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222403, (Fax) 222403

Cardamom County, Thekkady


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222816, (Fax) 222817

Periyar House (KTDC), Thekkady


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222026, (Fax) 222526

Leela Pankaj, Thekkady

350 - 500

Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222392, (Fax) 222392

Ambady, Thekkady

1000 - 1800

Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222193, (Fax) 222192

Thrissanku Haven, Peermede, Kuttikanam


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 232693, (Fax) 232693

Misty Mountain, Peermede, Kuttikanam


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 232065, (Fax) 232065

Status Resorts, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230688, (Fax) 230538

Mahindra Resorts, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4868 - 249224, (Fax) 849224

Tea Country, Munnar

3000 - 5000

Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230460, (Fax) 230970

Star Homes Igloo, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 263207, (Fax) 294681

B-Six HolidaryResort (P) Ltd., Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230527, (Fax) 230970

Royal Retreat, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230240, (Fax) 230440

Edassery EastEnd Hotel***, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230451, (Fax) 230227

Elysium Gardens, Munnar

500- 2500

Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230620

Issac's Residency, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230501, (Fax) 230265

Surya Ayurvedic Resort, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 263204, (Fax) 231347

Hill View, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230567, (Fax) 530567

Poopada Tourist Home, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230223

Spring Dale Resorts, Munnar

500 - 1000

Tel: 091 - 4865 - 264268

Misha Tourist Home, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230376

Marthoma Rest House, Munnar


Tel: 091 - 4865 - 230313

Holiday Inn, Munnar


(Fax) 091 - 4865 - 263204

Shalimar Spice Garden Resort, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222132, (Fax) 223022

Michael's Inn., Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222355, (Fax)222356

Kumily Gate, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 22279, (Fax) 222500

Tabernacle Resorts, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222063, (Fax) 222063

Tabernacle Tourist home, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222240, (Fax) 222240

Revathy International, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222434,(Fax) 22246

Lissiya Internatinal, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 223588, (Fax) 223588
URL : /hotellissiva

Mukkumckal Regent Tower, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4869 - 222570, (Fax) 223270
URL : -tower

Mukkumckal Tourist Home, Kumily


(Fax) 091 - 4869 - 222070

Carmelia Haven, Kumily


Tel: 091 - 4868 - 270252, (Fax)2870268

Edassery Resorts, Kattapana


Tel: 091 - 4868 - 272711, (Fax) 224196

Gemini Tourist Home, Thodulupuzha


Tel: 091 - 4862 - 222734, (Fax) 224364

Hotel residency**, Top Station Road

Tel: 091 - 4862 - 2305014

Arun said...

Elephants has always been a facination for mankind. In india elephants has got prestigious position among the people. It is every one wish to ride on the back of an elephant atleast once in a lifetime. The unique thekkady elephant safari package is an excellent opportunity to mingle with the elephants and spend some time with the biggest animal on earth.

geetanjli said...

Hi traveller,

I love your blog on the trip, it is so helpful. I am planning a trip to Munnar, Thekkady and Kumarakom for 4 nights and was going looney over trying to decide which activities/siteseeing points to go for, since I have less time at my disposal. The info in ur blog came to my rescue and I have jotted down what best I can accomodate in my 4 nights trip. One question though, I am keen on going for the GAVI day trip in Thekkady but did not find any info on where to hire the jeep from. I will be getting my booking for the GAVI trek done directly from the kerala forest corp, as the price charged by the resorts/hotels etc is almost 2 times of the official rates. But can you tell me where can I hire the jeep to reach the GAVI ecosystem, since this facility is not yet offered by govt(and if possible the ballpark charges for the jeep).Thanks a ton

Traveller said...

Hi Geetanjli,

Thanks that you liked the blog and it is helpful to you.
You can easily rent jeeps from 3-4 shops (travel agents) on the road leading to Periyar lake. You can also rent it from Hotel where you planning to stay.
They will give the entire package done for you so should not be a problem

sujata said...

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply. I have enquired thr mail @ Thekkady. I am pasting the reply from Wild Periyar Tours and Travels

Pl have a comment on this, especially for jungle jeep safari.
I fpossible mail me on

Also pl let me know previous comment section is different or same as I searched here but could not found my enquiry and your reply.
Thanks a lot for the info.


( Mr.Krishan, Greetings from Wild Periyar Tours and Travels.............

we are happy to inform you that we can do the service for you, we do have accommodation available for your budget but in home stays, cant get in hotels since they are expensive,

nature walk 250 per person and its 3 hours trekking,
boat ride 200 rs per head on upper deck per person 2 hour ride
jungle petrol (night trekking) 500 rs per person 3 hours

entrance fee to get in side the thekkady is 25 per head.

jungle jeep safari 5.30am to 6.30 pm 1800 rs per head, meals, trekking, boating, guide, jeep, entrance fee etc.. included )

Traveller said...

Prices look fine to me except that I took boat ride for 45-60 min and paid 100 and the entire day package from 9 to evening 6 was 1500..

U had posted the previous comment in another post :)

Traveller said...

Requesting all to please don't use this platform for their advertisement by putting comments. If you want you can pay me something and I'll put it :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Traveller excellent blog, i am going from Bangalore to Thekkady to Astamudy and would stay at Cchin for few days and i am already finding lot of clues from this blog. will update my experience once i come back.

dundusi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Channa said...

Hi All,
We are planning for a three days trip to Kerala. Can you guys suggest me some good tourist places which we can cover in three days.

subhash said...

I am from Pune and plan to drive down to Thekkhady and Munnar. I am deciding whether to go via Udupi- Mangalore- Kochi road OR Pune - Bangalore route. Reading the posts...I think I will take the Bangalore route:)
Has anyone travelled to Thekkady from Bangalore lately? I would like to know the condition of the road..especiaaly in the ghats. Does it still take about 9 hours from Bangalore to Thekkady?

Raghav said...

Hi there!!
Awesome post. I am planning for a 4 days trip to Munnar and Thekkady. I was little confused to pick the place but your blog helped me to finalize the things. I am planning to start from Bangalore on 30th Morning and comeback on Jan 2nd. Given 4 days of time, can i comfortably cover both munnar and thekkady.

nayana santosh said...

hai, thanks for all the information we are planning to visit both the places, thank u again

idds said...


It is indeed a wonderful blog and place too :). We (around 8 friends) are planning for the trip in the month of August. Can you tell me is it the right time to visit these places.
Also, you mentioned about Night Walk in the forest and other activities in the forest. Does it need any kind of prior permission or booking? If yes, where can I get the information or where can I get the permission?
Thanks in anticipation,

Anonymous said...

we are planning to go to Thekkady this August.
Could you please let us know if we need any forest officer permissions for trekking in thekkady?

Paramjeet said...

Hi Charu,

We are planing to go t munnar by this march mid (16th night start to 19th night bangalore). Can we cover both of the place in that time and is it right time to go there. We are going by road (Cab). Going by road how much Km it will be???

Saravanan S said...


Really you have given useful/wonderful information about Munnar/Thekkady route and places to see. Can you tell me about the forest checkpost experience and hotels at Munnar to stay (for middle class family). I am also from Bangalore only and would like to visit the places after October.

Saravanan S said...


Really you have given useful/wonderful information about Munnar/Thekkady route and places to see. Can you tell me about the forest checkpost experience and hotels at Munnar to stay (for middle class family). I am also from Bangalore only and would like to visit the places after October.

Mahesh Basappa said...

Dear Friends,

I am planing to visit thekaddy in the month of OCt, i am planning to drive my Maruti Estiol. Is this good to take this vehical or catch a bus and reach their- Mahesh

Mahesh Basappa said...

Dear Friends,

Can i drive my Maruthi Zen Estiol to Thekaddy....please suggest?



Anonymous said...

Yes, You can. But a part of the road was pretty bad when I went there

Anonymous said...

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